123. Wednesday Win: Just-What-I-Wanted Compliments

[In which our heroine gushes about being nice to other people, because you never know.]

Recently (I feel like I start lots of posts with “recently,” but really unless I specify a time frame further in the past than “recently” it’s all probably “recently”… but I digress), a person (if only it were a shell) said to me, “You have a nice collarbone.”

In that moment–an otherwise unremarkable one–I could have thrown myself a party. Or kissed said person. Continue reading

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122. Um… hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

[In which our heroine sheepishly returns…]

Um, hi guys. Yeah, September was a long time ago, sorry about that…

Enjoy this video while you forget about how mad you are at me for disappearing…

So anyway, things are gooood… Not too much to report…

Except that Christmas happened, which of course means that my birthday is soon, which means that I’ll try to write a pithy post about having a birthday in January or reaching a certain age… We’ll see what I come up with. Good to be back, though.

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121. Tweeting Up with the Joneses

[In which our heroine wonders what all the fuss is about.]

I’m as much a nerd as the next social media lover, but I think in some ways this whole thing has gone too far. Sure, let’s have as many platforms as there are users–not everyone wants their social media to do the same thing, I totally get that–and let’s specialize platforms to serve different needs and audiences, but the hype that surrounds all this online stuff is beginning to wear thin.

I’m finding that I’m getting a little jaded when it comes to new features and upgrades. When I hear “this is going to change your life!” I used to think, “Oo, yay!” and now I think, “Hm. We’ll see.” Continue reading

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120. “Unforgettable in every way…”

[In which our heroine wonders why she just can’t forget some embarrassing stuff that’s happened.]

You know how embarrassing things happen in life, and you think in the moment that you really want to die, but then you don’t die and so you’re forced to live with the memory of what you did or what happened and it’s locked into your brain for ever and ever?

No? Nah, me neither.

But for those of you out there who do harbor these types of memories–why the heck can’t we get rid of them? Continue reading

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119. Wednesday Win: Viral?

[In which our heroine can’t really decide if this is a win or not…]

There’s this funny thing going on on the internet. Marketers are trying to get us to buy products by essentially doing product placement in videos that they hope will go viral so lots of people will think, “Oh, man, that guy proposed to his girl with a video made on that phone! I gotta get me that phone so I can do awesome things for the people I love, too!” Like in this video:

… I suppose it is feasible that all those people did help the guy out with his unique marriage proposal on a slightly CGI-looking rooftop somewhere in the UK, but this video I think is so fake it hurts: Continue reading

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